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Wade vs The StarSyndicate Wade vs The StarSyndicate

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i can't believe this got frontpaged. friggen great stuff, man.

SS - Ultimate Quiz SS - Ultimate Quiz

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i got 100 per cent i totally didnt expect that (i had to guess on the glock truffle clock one though :()

MushroomT responds:

co author

Overrun II Overrun II

Rated 5 / 5 stars

holy shit son

well denvish, this stuff is much better then the original, which already had some bloody high standards. the game is more asethetically pleasing, the audio is better. All the graphics are amazing. and, of course. its friggen addictive and hella fun. Well, i was planning on doing the afternoon doing homework or something productive... but it looks like i have a new flash game to kill off the rest of the day.
Awesome work.

Denvish responds:


Newgrounds SIM v 1.2 Newgrounds SIM v 1.2

Rated 4 / 5 stars


well, its a fun game. though the music is friggen annoying and repetitive. i know its the old theme song on the site and all, but it'd been nice if there was a mute function.

Anyways, i think that basing if you get to be a mod/admin based off stats is kinda stupid. sure, you get to earn "cool points" in the game, but i think ive spent way too much time into my real profile... and instead of earning anything which you say you can in the game.. i just get swamped with bannings and such.

oh well, the game is fun... i tried to do Ozcar's method of "being a huge post whore" to get modded, but i ended up getting banned for it.. heh..

well, it's a good game for sure.. but the score is WAY to high. Sure, this game deserves a portal award for sure, but 4.48 is INSANELY high for something so... simple gameplay wise.

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Afro-Ninja responds:

Are you kidding me dude? Click the SPEAKER icon in the lower right hand corner of the game

Bump Copter 2 Bump Copter 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


One of the greatest games ive played in a while, the graphics are fun, and top-notch. The Level Editor is what topps this off though, thats really fun, and the game itself is unbelivably entertaining and challenging.
This game was super fun, excellent work.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


This a damn good tutorial... but... lets see where I can find stuff where you went wrong >B)

First off, with the Cursor button, if you keep clicking, eventually your cursor will simply be invisible >B(, that kinda sucks.
and the music should loop in my opinion.
On the Blam/Protect, you put Brigadier General as 1950, when it should really be 19500.
The Silver whistle, about 10 or 20 is about right, but the Gold whistle.. you said its about 30...
There are way too many people who have flagged HUNDREDS (even thousands) of reviews in their time, and they dont even have a gold.. 30 is really super inacurrate.
The Review Crew pick isnt chosen by Tom and Wade, it is simply based on who has the highest review score at the end of the week (minimum 10 reviews).
And Underdog should be Lowest score to Highest Review score ratio, not simply 'biggest difference'. Otherwise, a movie with a score of 4.00/5.00 but with a 1.00/10.00 review score would win Underdog, which just wouldnt be right.
The Batting average always varies, pending on the top batting average. The current A+ is a 3.58... but the other numbers are about right.

Besides that, the other tutorials all seem fairly helpful, though its not anything i didnt know before... but I was thinking of using Swift 3d in the near future, so your tutorial for that better not fave any flaws 8-P


I already fixed those bugs, but newgrounds says that Tom and Wade firdt have to accept update files.

Newgrounds Help Newgrounds Help

Rated 2 / 5 stars


I made a thing similar to this a while ago (it's removed now), and there's some stuff inaccurate about this.
You do not gain a level every 50 experience.
By your logic, I should be level 30 right now, and have almost 3x as much to get to a level 90.
This is not the case. After you hit level 9, the point gaps are MUCH larger, and they grow each day, pending on the user with the #1 experience's points (assuming he deposits everyday).

Also, on the portal awards, '3nd', '4nd', '5nd' and 'Pic' is just poor... Spelling mistakes really makes this look unprofessional, and unfortunately tanks the score (i know from experience).

At least the buttons looked alright.

DailyToon SE: MemoryStars DailyToon SE: MemoryStars

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I was able to play this game later last night, and it definately is a fun game. I topped my score from last night, and unlocked all the stashes of porn. Even though the sequence I got was relatively easy, it still was a very fun game.
The score is about right for this submission. It deserves a high rating like this, maybe a tidbit higher in my opinion, but whatever. it's a fun game!
Happy Daily Day!

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DailyToon SE: NB! DailyToon SE: NB!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


For a filesize this low, this game really is great. The game is very fun as it is, but for a game >70Kb, you really can not complain.
The only thing lacking in this is the audio, but whatever man, it's a good game, and I liked it a bunch 8-).
Im giving this a 10/10, because I know how much effort was put into this day. Happy Daily Day!

Ghost Motel 11 Ghost Motel 11

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Voted 0 without watching.

Good sir Xwaynecolt messaged me telling me that the super swell Ghost Motel 11 was out. and indeed it is super swell. Though I had to skip Scene 3 completely because my space bar is a sticky little hoe and i couldnt button mash my way past that part.
I beat scene 2 with only about 4 or 5 clicks of the mouse, i guess that was pure luck though.
I didnt see any improvement in graphics, but the game remains the same, fun way as it was meant to be.
I cant ask for anymore, or anyless, it was enjoyable, if a bit short =\.
I 5ed it B)

Violet-AIM responds:

Glad you liked it jOObie. I guess it is about the same as usual.